Connect with me on LinkedIn to see several recommendations from past clients. You can also read some others below. I’m only as successful as my clients’ satisfaction, which is why I’m proud to share their remarks:

Scott S., LoHi, Denver

Karl Lueders was one of the first people that I met when I relocated to Denver from the east coast. Karl’s friendly attitude and overall genuine personality made me feel comfortable immediately and we quickly became friends. Karl was able to give me a very detailed overview of the city and surrounding areas, not only for investment purposes but recommendations for restaurants, shops and overall lifestyle. I was not initially interested in purchasing a home but did give Karl some very lofty “what if’s” and told him if he found me a deal that met my very high and almost unrealistic financial expectations I would look at it. Not only did he find me the deal in the neighborhood that I wanted to be in, he also set me up with a really great mortgage broker that was able to work his magic and get me an unbelievable lender package- and we closed in less then 30 days. Karl was on top of every detail throughout the entire process- My work/travel schedule is crazy so I leaned on Karl to take care of any and all meetings/details that needed to be done before the very quick closing approached. All I can say is well done Karl and I would highly recommend him to anyone that is interested in working with a broker either on the buying or selling side.

Jeff H., Parker, CO

I enjoyed our time working with you on the selling & buying end.  You definitely give real estate agents a good name, buddy!

Juliet B., Denver

Working with Karl Lueders was a pleasure. I dreading looking for a home but Karl made it enjoyable.  Not only did he set up 13 showings in a single day, when he picked me up for the showings on a snowy day, he shoveled my front walk.  When I was feeling frustrated about the process, he knew exactly what to say to put me at ease.  When I finally found my home, Karl helped me negotiate the best possible price and took care of everything quickly and efficiently.  When an issue came up at closing, Karl immediately got on the phone and fixed it within minutes.  I was really impressed and if I ever need to sell or buy again, I will be calling Karl without hesitation.

Martin N., Centennial, CO –

Karl Lueders assisted me with the purchase of my home when moving from San Diego to the Denver area. This was an interesting process as it was my first home-buying experience. Karl Lueders was very knowledgeable about the Denver area and was able to listen to needs vs. wants and remove houses that were on the list to be viewed due to discussions we had had which saved a lot of time. Throughout the process he kept me well informed about what the steps were, as well as the issues (and there were a few due to the seller). Karl was able to help me understand the process as far as what is normal as opposed to what were specific issues we needed to resolve. I would recommend Karl Lueders to anyone who needs a real estate agent or relocation specialist for the Denver area.”

Tara and Jason W., Denver -

Karl Lueders was a pleasure to work with.  He was professional and extremely honest in this tough market.  He fulfilled all of his promises in marketing, photography, showings… and in turn, sold our house in 6 days. Thanks to Karl, we had a wonderful house-selling experience and I would highly recommend his services.

Adam and Rima K., Denver –

Three key qualities we wanted in a Realtor: a solid understanding of the Denver housing market, a willingness and availability to scour listings, and strong negotiating skills. We found these qualities in Karl Lueders, and sure enough, he opened the door to the house we were looking for.

KK, Evergreen, CO-

Karl Lueders assisted me in the sale of my home as well as the purchase of my current home.His knowledge of the real estate market and the sales process were invaluable to me and my family.I had heard many negative incidents from friends concerning some real estate agents and was skeptical about the value of hiring a Realtor as I entered the process.However, Karl provided excellent service at all times and was very much earned his value in the process.

In particular, the first home on which we had an offer had some issues in the inspection.We were wavering as to whether or not to pursue the purchase on different terms or terminate the contract.Karl was very honest and helped us make up our mind that the house was not right for us in that condition.Rather than pressure us to complete an “in-hand” sale, he helped us decide there was a better house out there for us somewhere.That advice proved correct and we found a much better house that we ultimately purchased.

Karl’s honest and client-first style was very welcome.

Jason D., New Orleans/Denver-

No one was more amazed – bordering on shocked – to have found a house that fit everyone’s criteria, negotiated and finalized within one week. Not the way things usually happen, especially between the three of us. As you could see, three very different personalities, all with very strong opinions, nothing short of a miracle and a VERY GOOD real estate agent made it happen.

Your exceptional organizational skills and your very professional handling of us and the seller made it all possible. Thank you so much for all your assistance, above and beyond the call of duty. We appreciate all your referrals and guidance to Jason now and after the fact. He feels very comfortable turning to you for advice. And since we are too far, and unfamiliar to really help him we, as a parents, appreciate your help.

Becky B., Denver –

Jim and I had been living in a townhouse in the northern suburbs of Denver.However, we soon realized that our work and social lives were mainly in Denver, and we needed to move closer to the city.We were referred to Karl by one of Jim’s colleagues.Karl came to our home, walked through and conducted an assessment of our home, and proceeded to discuss all the matters of buying and selling a home with us.I had numerous questions for Karl, and he was diligent in providing me with the answers. Whether it was on the spot or doing the research for me, Karl always provided the information and documentation that I requested.Jim and I were both very comfortable working with Karl, as he kept us posted on all the developments as he worked on selling our townhouse.When it came time to receive and discuss offers on the house, Karl reviewed all our options with us in detail.He truly had our best interests in mind, and it was apparent in the way he conducted business.

We would also like to share our experience in home buying with Karl Lueders.Once we had accepted an offer on our home and were under contract, we began the search.Karl had talked with us at length about what we were looking for, our price range, amenities that we wanted, etc., and then we began the search.Karl used his expertise in researching the homes that were on the market, and provided us with several options to think about.In conjunction, we also used his website to look for what was available.Together, we narrowed the search down to about 10-15 homes.Once we had our list ready, Karl coordinated the showings, and we spent a couple of days with him looking at the homes that met our criteria.We ultimately purchased a home that Jim and I had not discovered in our searches, rather, it was a home that Karl had located.We looked at it early in the day as we were viewing, and by that evening, we had decided to come back for a second look.It was perfect!Karl was amazing to work with throughout the entire process.He offered his expertise as we wrote up the contracts, and he provided us with outstanding service throughout our entire experience.Jim and I were thrilled with the timeliness in which Karl was able to sell our townhouse, and overwhelmed with joy and excitement when we found the home of our dreams.We absolutely could not have accomplished either goal without Karl’s guidance and services.He was courteous, knowledgeable, and without a doubt, is a Denver real estate expert.Jim and I would recommend Karl Lueders to anyone looking to either sell or buy a home in the Denver metro area.His skills and business savvy, in conjunction with his outstanding service levels yield a first-class real estate experience that will resonate with you long after the process is complete.

And I actually have a letter of recommendation from a non-buyer! I met this woman and her kids about three months ago. I swear I didn’t make her write any of this :)…

I would like to share one of the most positive experiences I have had with a professional recently.

A few months ago, my elderly parents and I had been discussing their potential move from California to live with me in Denver. With such an uncertain arrangement, I had been hesitant to enlist a Realtor. Yet, when I explained the situation to Karl Lueders, I was pleasantly surprised when I was met with encouragement and understanding. He welcomed the opportunity to help me with the house search, despite knowing the purchase was highly contingent on my parents uprooting themselves from a home they’d happily lived in for over forty years.

To entice Mom and Dad, I had added definite challenges to Mr. Lueders’ search. This house I was looking for not only had to be perfect for myself and my two young children, but also for two elderly parents with unique needs and extremely narrow tastes.

Not once did Karl flinch, balk or voice any apposition to my crazy ideas. Instead, I found him persistently researching my ideas and even asking me more questions to determine more details. He combed and re-combed the market for each of the demands I made: privacy, bright and roomy basement with it’s own kitchen, cul-de sac, this type of ceiling, those type of doors, wide hallways, big trees… the list went on and on. Karl proved quite knowledgeable in the types and ages of houses, price ranges, locations, and so much more that I would never have considered.

To my astonishment, he managed to find a spectacular array of selections for us to view. But, poor man, my pickiness became even more meticulous– too small, too big, ceilings too high, kitchen too… and so on, and so on. Yet, throughout each house viewing, Karl Lueders strove to learn even more of our expectations, obviously honing in on getting an ever stronger picture in his mind as to what we wanted.

Surprisingly, the search only lasted a few weeks – and, it was my schedule that kept us from progressing faster, not his. Karl always found time for me, even during the crazy holiday hectics.

I can confidently say that Karl succeeded in his daunting task. He actually found that perfect home – in fact, perhaps even two. One, especially, had nearly everything – plus a few unexpected bonuses! Had it been only up to me, I truly wanted to place an offer on the spot.

My parents, however, elected not to take the life-changing move to Colorado, making the entire excruciating search for naught. Despite this disappointing news, Karl still maintained a pleasant, professional attitude.

I would highly like to highly recommend Karl Lueders’ knowledge and services as a real estate agent! Throughout our “house hunt”, Mr. Lueders certainly demonstrated his strengths as a real estate agent. He listened, he researched, he explained. He was always friendly, cheerful, and professional. He made the house search an enjoyable and highly positive experience. In the future, when I have needs to pursue another home, I will certainly seek his expertise again.

Again, thanks so much to Karl for all the work he placed into my portfolio. (And, I still like that house with the elevator!)

Ingrid P.
Highlands Ranch, CO

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He can be reached at 720.971.8267, email, Twitter or G+.

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