St. Patrick’s Day Is Not Just Another Excuse to Drink in Denver

It’s the oldest St. Patrick’s Day parade this side of the Mississippi. At least, that’s what the interwebs say. But I tend to believe the webs when it comes to facts that don’t attempt to implicate government officials of wrongdoing. Besides, for those who have either been to a Chicago or New York version and have yet to experience the Denver Runnin’ of the Green, do not prepare to be underwhelmed: this parade is legit.

Yes, there will be a ton of hammered people with stupid hats and shamrocks covering various body parts, many of them non-Gaelic (kind of like how the number of people who “went” to Notre Dame triples when the football team is doing well). But who cares?? Everyone should become Irish on March 17. Because it’s fun! And what truly makes Denver’s parade special is that the City of Denver has nothing to do with putting it on; it’s a volunteer group! Yes, community activism does work. Read about the history at the official parade site.

   Avoid this at all costs.

Avoid this at all costs.

Of course, you’ll want something to do after the parade, if you can still stand. So, for the stout of mind and body (see what I did there?), here is a list of Irish bars in Denver, at least those who are Irish-themed the other 364 days:

Nallen’s Irish Pub1429 Market Street

Nallen’s has been around since 1992, making it the oldest Irish pub in Denver, and not needing of a Web site (a plus). Like most of the other bars on this list, Nallen’s will likely be pitching a big white tent in advance of the crowds; don’t feel like you have to be in brick-and-mortar portion of Nallen’s to enjoy the day. You can come back another time to appreciate the architecture.

Clancy’s Irish Pub7000 West 38th

Nallen’s might be Denver’s oldest Irish pub, but Clancy’s is the longest-standing. You figure what means what. Clancy’s other big selling point on St. Patrick’s Day is that it isn’t downtown, so the general riotous ambience of the day will be contained to Clancy’s property and not the entirety of LoDo. Note: Clancy’s is in Wheat Ridge, but because of its aforementioned title, it makes the list. Holla, Ned Kelly’s!

The Celtic Tavern1400 Market Street

Celtic on Market is the new name to go with the new location at the corner of Market and 14th. You can still bet the ponies while drinking pints in the OTB, but the “cigar bar” annex was buried with the Delaney’s annex in 2016.

Finley’s Pub375 South Pearl Street

Stumbling distance from Washington Park, it’s a place for neighbors to gather and celebrate, rather than zone out on TV. Finley’s also serves one of the best burgers in town.

A proper drink, if ever there was one.

A proper drink, if ever there was one.

If you’re looking for a more casual, authentic St. Patrick’s Day experience, Finley’s Pub fits the bill. Fun exercise: Google the walking directions from Finley’s to Candlelight. Much respect to the bar whose most efficient form of egress is through the alley.

The Abbey Tavern5151 East Colfax

The Abbey Tavern doesn’t decorate in Irish motif: no shamrocks nor leprechauns anywhere in view. But look at the menu and you know. The kitchen serves up classics like Shepherd’s pie, corned beef Reuben, and Guinness beef stew. Plus, the Abbey Tavern brings back the cozy authentic flair for those who are wanting to enjoy a more traditional holiday celebration. And, it’s also out of the LoDo sphere.

The Irish Rover54 South Broadway

Broadway needed an Irish bar and hence, we have the Rover. And fortunately, it comes with the feature that almost foretells a drinking establishment’s success rate: a rooftop deck. If St. Patty’s Day 2018 weather is like recent March 17ths, get your sunburn on here.

The Irish Snug1201 East Colfax #100

A snug is not a cheesy sleeping bag for your living room. It is however, a very private room that can allow you to drink privately in public. The Irish Snug allows you to do that, until you decide to stand atop the snug and do something that will force people to figure out how to avoid making eye contact with you. The Snug, however, does have a sidewalk patio that is an amazing place to drink – regardless of holiday – when the sun is out.

Scruffy Murphy’s2030 Larimer Street

Two words: dark wood. One word: great whiskey. That’s also two words, but you get the idea. Because of its ballpark location, this place will be a Craic show on March 17, but get there early and enjoy the sightseeing from within the friendly confines.

Dougherty’s Restaurant and Pub, 5 E. Ellsworth

It’s like the Wu-Tang, Dougherty’s ain’t nothin’ to f with… too cultural? How about the Scarface of bars? It’s 4-stars or no stars, depending on who you ask. It does have strong drinks, decent food and did I mention strong drinks? Ok, so keeping with the Irish theme, it’s like Notre Dame football, you either love it or you hate it. That being said, St. Patrick’s Day might be the absolute best time to experience Dougherty’s for yourself.

Now get out there and please drink responsibly. And, no matter where you go, one last piece of advice: only use “Pog Mo Thoin” if you know exactly what it means, who you’re saying it to or you’re cool with a brawl. Enjoy!

Playoff Baseball is Back in Denver!

When the Broncos are 30 days away from their first regular season game, this town goes bananas. Why is it, then, that Denver’s only playoff team from a year ago isn’t getting the same love?


2018 Colorado Rockies

When the Broncos are 30 days away from their first regular season game, this town goes bananas. Why is it, then, that Denver’s only playoff team from a year ago isn’t getting the same love? Is it the ski season (or lack thereof this year)? Is it the annual tease of the Nuggets finishing barely in or barely out of the Western Conference playoffs, or maybe the Avalanche will attempt to make the playoffs for only the third time in the last decade? That’s a true Av fact.

The only fact that should matter is that the Rockies are on the rise and first pitch 2018 is a month away. They open on the road April 2 in San Diago, aka Whale’s – er, never mind – and the home opener aka Get Out Work Free Day in Denver is April 6 v Atlanta.

So, check out the schedule, find anywhere between 1-81 games to attend, and plan accordingly for post-season glory. #rocktober

It’s Beer Fest Every Day in Denver

A more leisurely guide to the city – and state’s – amazing breweries

jkmnm3cincw-yutacarAs the host city of the annual Cat 5 hopfest known as the Great American Beer Festival, and as the incubator of what seems to be a new nanobrewery a week, Denver (in the collective sense) can easily lay claim to the home of beer (or The Home of Beer, if you want to make look more magnanimous). It’s a music festival with more tents, more performers, and equally the same amount of buzzed celebrants, but without all those gnarly glamping concerns.

And, as the quantity of Colorado breweries have multiplied over the past decade, so have the medals at GABF. Scroll through the winners at this year’s event and you can’t avoid being proud of the product pouring out of this state – if not slightly dumbfounded by all the new names taking names so quickly.

The best part about all this glorious 5280 nectar-making is that you don’t have to wear a mouthguard and elbow pads to fight the crowds at GABF for a 1-ounce pour. For the most part, you can visit Lone Tree Brewing, Twisted Pine, Black Bottle (to name just a few winners), on pretty much any day ending in “y.”

Of course, The Home of Beer does not medal-winning breweries make. This town has built up cornerstones of the industry over the decades, and you will never be lost ratebeerfinding perennial all-stars with the right guide. Rate Beer is to beer as Wine Spectator is to, wait, I’m thinking… and for many years the boys at Rate Beer have built a user platform to cut through the hype and lay out where the best cold beverages are, not just in Denver, but around the globe. If you have been on the site, it’s a must-visit for enthusiasts. Be careful about how much free time you have, because you may go down some rabbit holes you won’t be too excited to back out of if you have a meeting in 45 minutes. For now, here’s your rating guide for Denver’s best beers. Outside the 303 is easy to find, as well, but for now here’s your platform for a good beer deep dive. Salut!

New Listing in West Denver – Home For Sale at 33 Wolff Street

Get more details on this listing at Karl Lueders’ Kentwood Web site.

Great brick ranch in West Denver. Remodeled galley kitchen w/granite counters and stainless appliances. This sunny home sits on a hill with an amazing view of downtown Denver (only 10 minutes away). Hardwood floors on the main with two bedrooms and a remodeled bathroom. Great basement retreat with high ceilings and great sunlight. The basement features a true guest suite, great media/rec room, office plus a kitchenette (could easily be converted back into rental space). This home sits on a double lot with a great covered porch and concrete patio for entertaining. The two-car garage also has an extra parking pad next to it, as well a curb cut in the front. Evaporative cooler (already winterized); gas furnace and update light fixtures throughout the house. Quiet street with great access to city and mountains. Brick homes are rare to find in this neighborhood!

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor that can you help you sell your home quickly and find the best home for you. Find out more about Karl or listen to his past clients and find out why the best service comes from the best Denver real estate agents. Call Karl at 720-971-8267 or dial Karl up on LinkedIn.

Nothing to do with Denver Real Estate…

…but how awesome is Richard Paterson? Here’s a good pre-holiday tutorial for you would-be whisky sophisticates, and play close to attention as to how to nose a good Scotch, lest you pay the price. :)

Karl Lueders is a novice Scotch whisky drinker, Denver Realtor and half-cocked half-marathoner. See him on the streets in Las Vegas this weekend trying to run 13.1 miles. @KarlLueders or find me on Fbook.


Karl Lueders Presents… Why Buying Your Home Isn’t a Business Decision

“Relax pal. First lesson in business is don’t get emotional about stocks – it clouds your judgement.”

– G. Gekko


“If you’re buying a house to make money, then don’t buy a house.”

– Karl Lueders

The era of irrational real estate exuberance officially ended somewhere around early 2009, just a few months after the big “crash.” It happened when a random couple found the house in which they wanted to make babies, plant flowers and host handfuls of Thanksgivings. They turned to one another, squealing in delight, but then squared up their Realtor and asked, “How much do you think we can make on this one?”

I still get that question on an infrequent basis. I feign deafness to see if they’re sincere enough to ask again. If forced upon to answer, I usually go with the above quote. (No, I’m not Gordon Gekko.) It sucks, because we want everyone to own a good home that will make money, but I think we also forget that the public doesn’t always know the score with real estate. Many are still looking to buy their principal residence with an expectation of profit, rather than buying it with their heart. Which is how it should be.

I have a good perspective on the past and why people still want to believe that real estate is a sure thing. I made 16% on my first house in less than 18 months. Of course, that was back in Chicago in 1998, but people tend to remember the % and not the year. I wasn’t in the business back then and had no clue what we were getting into. We just wanted to stop paying rent. We loved our condo but we loved it even more when we sold it and moved to Denver with some tall stacks. Those stacks disappeared pretty quickly when we started looking at homes in Denver and realized we were making a lateral move from Chicago. Go figure.

Nevertheless, we looked smart because we got lucky. But I was that friend/neighbor that did get lucky and everybody wanted in on the trade-up. Yet once people started trying to act smart, we ended up with a fiasco like sub-prime loans, default credit swaps and NINJA loans. Then the s**t hit the fan across the country. Lots of places are beginning to recover, but the skid marks still appear prominently on many map searches of Nevada and Florida.

Some buyers still want an assurance that they’ll be able to sell their house for more than what they paid for it. Just so you know, you can get better predictability by putting your down payment on red (or black; just stay away from wheels with two green zeros) than which way the real estate market is headed. Real estate is not a financial investment; it’s a lifestyle investment. Homes are supposed to pull at your heartstrings, not appear as a ledger statement. (That is, unless, you happen to be buying an investment property, you’ve done research, and know the cash-flow thresholds. Another day for that.)

Sure, you need to be able to afford what the heart wants, and the heart might not know why you need a radon test, but that’s why you have good Realtors and lenders with realistic lending guidelines. And yes, it’s a huge financial decision. But don’t confuse financial decision with a financial opportunity. If you buy a home with the hopes of making money, you are allowed to blame yourself if/when that doesn’t happen. The days of time equity are gone.

But if you buy a home to raise kids, tend a garden and paint the walls bright orange because you can, then yes, that’s exactly why you buy a house. You buy a condo because you’re ready for the tax advantages of home ownership but don’t want to mow a lawn. That’s how you do.

And don’t forget, people like me are here to help you find your dream home for the best possible price. Good lenders are here to get you the best terms to make that dream affordable. If you want emotional detachment, buy a stock.

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He can be reached at 720.971.8267, email, Twitter or G+.

…950 Characters About MCA.

When I caught word that Stevie Ray Vaughn went down in a helicopter, it was 2 am, I was drunk and in Prague. It was my first “Where were you when” moment. I was 21, unaware of heavier events to come, and I thought life had changed forever. Not the case. SRV was always on stage and I was just another lighter holder. When I go the text yesterday that Adam Yauch died, I went numb. MCA, you see, was the big brother he never knew I had. I butchered Beastie Boys rhymes in high school, college… yesterday… mostly as MCA. Ad Rock’s Moet-fueled energy may have driven their early fame, but MCA’s roughneck lyrics kept it on the rails. And when they paid tribute to all the stewardesses flying around the world, you knew that MCA was in quiet control. Mike D throws a beer in your face – literally or lyrically – you go through MCA. Just like your big brother. He had more rhymes than he had gray hairs, which was a lot, because he had his share. Namaste.

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He’s been on board since the Cookiepuss days. Reach him at 720.971.8267, email, Twitter or G+.

…Denver Home Prices Up From 2011.

So the home prices in metro Denver are up from 2011, days on market are plummeting but housing inventory is still at record lows. It’s probably time to tell homeowners that it’s safe to put a sign in the yard.

Denver Post reports the S&P/Case-Shiller findings that January home sales in Denver actually dipped from December 2011, but were up year-over-year. Regardless of what you think of the Case-Shiller – mostly that its data actually lags anywhere from 1-6 months, depending on what expert you talk to – the facts are that Denver is experiencing some tangible growth and remains one of the most desirable places to live in the United States.

(Note: Detroit and Phoenix were the only other two cities to experience an uptick in their real estate markets. The only difference is that those two markets only had one way to go.)

Denver remains great and appears to only be getting better.

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He can be reached at 720.971.8267, email, Twitter or G+.


…30-year interest rates (fixed) since 1981.

So while the rest of the cyber world is protesting Congress’ discovery of the interwebs, let’s go buy a house. Check this out. I think there’s a trend in here somewhere…

30-year fixed rates since 1981

…This comes to us courtesy of the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, aka Freddie Mac. (The four bars on the right side of the graph are 2011 broken down into quarters.)

This guarantees nothing, but declining interest rates aren’t really a fad. Just remember, if you’re thinking of buying a home, a half-point rate increase from 4% is a greater jump than when they go up from, say 6%. Still, not too many people are going to feel sorry for someone with a 30-year fixed rate under 5%.

Talk to a lender about where your mortgage payments would be, if you don’t already own a home. In many cases, it’s cheaper than renting, especially if you’re buying a condo.

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He can be reached at 720.971.8267, email, Twitter or G+.

…Denver is the USA’s best place to buy and invest in real estate.

Don’t take my word for it. Take a look:

So I’ve been writing about this for a while, just recently about cash flowing condos in hip areas of Denver, but Greg Rand of Own America says it better, and with a little less bias than I. If you didn’t think it was time to invest in real estate yesterday, today’s a new day. Rent in central Denver is through the roof and interest rates are as low as they can go. Go on Craigslist and try to find a decent apartment anymore.

Cash is obviously king in this equation, but even if you have to borrow, the opportunity to positively cash flow an investment property is there for the taking. There is a lot to talk about. Give me a call to discuss how you can take advantage of the USA’s best place to invest in real estate.

Karl Lueders is a residential Realtor with The Kentwood Company at Cherry Creek. He can be reached at 720.971.8267, email, Twitter or G+.