About Karl Lueders

Back in the days of 8-tracks and Richard Nixon, I came to be in Park Ridge, Ill. I grew up in La Grange, graduated from Indiana University, lived in Chicago for 10 years before making Denver my permanent home in 1999. Currently:

  • I am a residential Realtor. I help people buy and sell real estate when I’m not buying my own.
  • I write. I did that professionally for 10 years before becoming a Denver Realtor. I wrote about sports and finance. Now, I’m writing for fun!
  • I cook, unprofessionally, but I can get around most any kitchen and look like I know what I’m doing. Comfort food and Mexican are my wheelhouses.
  • I sport some sweet surgical cuts from skateboarding, snowboarding and motorcycle accidents. I have never qualified for the X Games. I still have a motorcycle and snowboards.

In the past:

  • I have supported Mutts-n-Models.
  • I have done some tutoring and scholarship interviewing for Goodwill.
  • I visited sick patients at Porter Hospital in Denver with my black labrador retriever, Sadie. She was/is still the greatest dog that ever lived, despite her being dead after 14 years. My current dog understands this and knows she’s fighting an uphill battle to supplant Big S.

Otherwise, I’m in the usual locations: Twitter, LinkedIn, G+, Facebook, the Cherry Creek/Platte River bike trails, the golf course, the kitchen, the mountains, the park, and running this dog…

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