Karl Lueders Presents… It’s Official, LoHi is no Longer Hip

Say what you want about Forbes magazine and its subscribers, but I doubt many of  them are leafing through a copy in LoHi coffee shops such as Metropolis or Shangri-La.

Which is to say that Forbes may not be the most accurate barometer of things hip. More accurately, Forbes is the exact opposite of hip. It is the proverbial “man” that hipsters love to loathe (while they’re still poor). And Steve Forbes is the proverbial “man.” He doesn’t hire skinny jean-wearing punks to help shape his editorial platform.

But there it is, in full digital color. Forbes named the 20 Hippest neighborhoods in America, and for what it’s worth, LoHi is 17th. It’s behind the obvious: LA’s Silver Lake, NYC’s Williamsburg, etc., but ahead of Boston, Miami and Houston. To be fair, Forbes‘ digital content is decidedly less corporate than its monthly print version, but Maxim doesn’t really analyze Wall Street, either, so consider the source.

Back in my journalist days, we used to joke that once a daily newspaper “discovered” a trend, it was likely already played out. I think in this case, however, Forbes is merely stating the obvious: LoHi arrived a long time ago and congratulations if you saw it coming.

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Karl Lueders Presents.. Tejon Square – Another Sold in LoHi!

It’s all connected. A house I sell in Highlands Ranch this past April leads to a sale on this rare Tejon Square townhome in LoHi, just a couple of months later…  Karl Lueders

Tejon Square

Karl Lueders Sells Another Home in LoHi... Tejon Square

Sitting at the closing table for my Highlands Ranch buyer, I was killing time with the buyer’s lender, lamenting (bitching and moaning, actually) how low Denver real estate’s inventory was, and how few condos and townhomes were available for sale downtown and in the Highlands. I would call other top Denver agents, but I was coming up empty for this buyer. Coincidentally, the lender happened to know quite a few people at Tejon Square and suggested I contact a couple of owners who had been considering selling their places.

It didn’t happen overnight, but a couple of letters and a few phone calls later, my buyer bought a hot property in Denver’s best neighborhood without waiting for the property to come on the market.

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