Does your dog hate fireworks?

Mine does. For the most part, Sadie has aged more gracefully than any other labrador retriever we’ve met. At 11, she’s got the energy and shape of a dog half her age, but come 4th of July weekend, she turns into a senile wreck. From the first firecracker on the 3rd to the idiots who keep blowing off M-80s two days following the big day, Sadie hyperventilates and breathes 100-degree fish stank all over me, regardless of how well I try to muffle the noise from her. And the best part is that she falls into this delirium the moment I start to go to sleep.

Sadie: not a big fan of fireworks

Thankfully, Karl Lueders is able to sleep again. Mostly because the holiday is over and we’ve had some wetter weather, keeping a lid on the dumbasses with the extra ammo. But for future firework displays? I just read this interesting article on how to keep your dogs chilled out with out pumping 5-9 Benadryls into them every time a roman candle goes off. has published this amazing article about how to calm your fearful and anxious dog. I wish I would have seen this article 5 days ago; it would have been nice to keep 80-lb Sadie off my head at 3:30 in the morning.

Karl Lueders is a Denver-based residential Realtor.

Sadie is a Denver-based dog. Her sister Goethe took fireworks way worse.