Driving Park over Cherry Creek? Take a look for yourself.

A few fun factoids:

– Driving Park Historic District (DPHD, also known to most as North Country Club) has held its value, real estate-wise, over the last 5 years better than Cherry Creek north. The list to sale advantage has been 2-3%, but in terms of houses selling upwards of $1 million, that’s $20,000-30,000.

– A few streets in Driving Park actually feed into Bromwell Elementary, long recognized as one of the more prolific schools in DPS.

– Many of the DPHD neighbors who don’t go to Bromwell have choiced into Bromwell, as well as Steele and other schools in the area. Plus, Good Shepherd Catholic School is less than a mile away.

– Depending on your definition of Cherry Creek North, the house at 551 Humboldt Street is actually closer to the Cherry Cricket than a house on Jackson, Monroe and even Madison Streets. Suffice to say that the neighborhood surrounding 551 Humboldt is decidedly more affordable and comes with charm you can’t duplicate anywhere in Denver.

If you want to learn why 551 Humboldt should be your first stop for looking at luxury homes under $1 million in central Denver, go to Karl Sells Denver Real Estate or learn more about the home at Trulia Voices.

Here’s a pic of 551 Humboldt, by the way. Nice, huh?

Karl Lueders presents 551 Humboldt

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