Mutts and Models happy hour tomorrow!

Mutts and Models happy hour

Mutts and Models happy hour

It’s the party before the party! Mutts and Models is one of Denver’s must-attend parties of the year, but it also happens to be a wildly successful fundraiser for Harrison Memorial Animal Hospital, the chief benefactor of Karl and Jill Lueders and The Goethe Fund.

I plan to be at both the fashion show on May 16, as well as the happy hour tomorrow. Hope you can make it, too!

For more details about the fashion show and happy hour, go to

Driving Park Historic District Sales Trends 2008-2009

Since my last look into our neighborhood’s sales performance (2007-2008), I was able to conclude that while the rest of the world seemed to be drowning in sorrow, Driving Park Historic District was decidedly middle-of-the-road sales wise. I’ll take normal over recession any day of the week, and that’s pretty where we’ve been for the past 6 months, and that’s where we appear to be right now, even after a few distressed sales.

Based on the latest sales data from Metrolist, Denver, as a whole, has about 6 months worth of inventory currently for sale. What does 6 months of inventory actually involve? For example, within Driving Park Historic District, where I live, 17 homes sold in 2008. That comes out to 1.41 homes sold per month. Currently, we have 9 active listings in DPHD, which, divided by the average sales per month, puts us right at 6 months as time it will take to clear out our current inventory. In actuality, three homes have sold in DPHD so far this year: 571 High, 450 Williams and 484 Lafayette, which means we’re slightly behind the 6 month curve, but the balance is there, which is good.

To get an idea of the houses that are currently for sale, go to my search site and check out the addresses listed in the chart below.

The average sale prices aren’t so much of an indicator of neighborhood performance as the sale price – to – list price ratio is. Currently, we are holding steady at 94% of list price (that’s based on the last list price, sale price – to – original list price is around 90%, which is also normal, but shows the inevitable price drop).

Disregard the average sale prices for 2009, as 571 High really threw off the balance, dropping nearly $500,000 between its original list price and eventual sale price.

If you have any questions about the chart below or about this neighborhood, feel free to contact Karl Lueders at 720-971-8267. You can also reach him at his Web site,

Karl lives in Driving Park Historic District on Humboldt St. The neighborhood runs from 4th Ave to 6th Ave, and from Marion to High St. It is surrounded by Alamo Placita, Seventh Avenue and Country Club historic neighborhoods.

Karl Lueders presents 2008 sales stats for Driving Park Historic District

Karl Lueders presents 2008 sales stats for Driving Park Historic District

All data compiled from Metrolist, Inc. Karl Lueders cannot confirm its accuracy.